Millbrook First Nation

Band Administration

Band Administration
Staff members and Services they provide.


Band Administration Overview

The Millbrook Band Administration is directed by Chief and Council. The Millbrook Band Administration houses our administration staff is here to create and provide essential services for all Millbrook First Nation Band Members.


Band Administrator - Alex Cope
Office Telephone: 902-897-9199 Ext. 102
Cell: 902-956-1584
Fax: 902-893-4785

Job Role

The Band Administrator is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of Millbrook’s Band Administration.


  • Economic Development Committee

  • Housing Committee

  • Projects Committee

  • Education Committee

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COMMUNICATIONS Officer - Nigel Gloade

Office Telephone: 902-897-9199 Ext.119
Cell: 902-986-2816

Job Role

The Communications Officer is responsible for the Millbrook First Nations communications which includes press releases, newsletter, website, graphic designs, photography and videos.


  • Millbrook Interagency Committee

Program’s Current Initiatives:

  • Elder’s Video Interviews

  • Land Usage Research Video - Beaver Dam