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Millbrook Health Centre Program Staffing

Director of Health Services:

Provides the management function for the health services team and programs. The Director is responsible for coordination with other Band programs and services to provide access to health services for Millbrook Band members and residents. The Director is responsible for the preparation and monitoring of annual budgets. Develop and revise policy to present to the Chief and Council re: health and safety related issues in the community. Co-ordinate reporting functions for accountability to Health Canada, the Chief and Council and the Millbrook First Nation community. Team building activities and strategic planning are the responsibility of the Director. Update the community health plan as priorities and needs evolve in the community. Evaluate programs and services on an on-going basis to ensure quality services are delivered.

Maternal-Child Health Worker/AHS:

Programs are offered and developed to meet the goals of the On-Reserve Headstart program guidelines as well as the early intervention component of the Maternal-Child Health program. The staff member provides positive early intervention in the lives of Millbrook children through home visits and the delivery of the “Growing Great Kids” program. Examples of the activities carried out by the staff at the Early Education Centre to meet the goal of increased language skills in children and to support and encourage each child to enjoy life long learning are: Sharing bags for all preschool and day care children, flower pots filled with books and gifts to promote literacy in families which are given to the parent of every child born in Millbrook. Parents As Teachers workshops, Scholastic book club, Parent -Tot Workshops, and the Community Reading Together project are also coordinated by the Early Education Centre. Other program goals are: to improve nutrition, promote native culture, parental involvement, health promotion, and social supports. 

Home and Community Care & Assisted Living Program:

The Home and Community Care Nurse works as part of the team delivering the integrated program to the community. The nurse is available to provide supervision to the Continuing Care Assistants (CCA) and to oversee the individual care plans for each of the clients of the program. The nurse also provides a foot care clinic to diabetics, elders and others who need foot care. The CCA’s are contracted to provide quality personal care services to First Nations people living in Millbrook. The clients who need home and community care and assisted living services are assessed using a standardized assessment format to document the level of service required by the patient/client. The CCA’s and Assisted Living workers provide home supports to promote independent living for the clients.

Youth Support: 

The program provides support to elementary and junior high age children through the “Virtues Program” in schools and in the community. The program is offered to children in small groups and on an individual basis. The Youth Support Worker organizes and facilitates the “Klubs for Kids” projects that have children take part in activities they would not usually have access to joining. The programs for youth are intended to promote healthy development through physical activity and to provide positive social support networks. The First Communion and First Confession programs are also coordinated by the Youth Support worker.

Admin. Assistant/ Community Based Water Monitor: 

The Administrative Assistant/ Water Monitor distributes information to the community about health safety alerts and other issues. Updates community data as it becomes available. The staff person is responsible for maintaining client data and statistics in the health centre for the programs, while maintaining client confidentiality at all times. Also provides some administrative support for the Director of Health Services and other staff as needed. Monitors water safety in the Millbrook First Nation communities and reports to the appropriate authorities the results. Maintains records of staff attendance and absences.

Millbrook Addictions Worker: 

The Community Addiction Worker provides services to the community in the three broad areas of 1) Prevention Programs 2) Treatment and Referral Services, and 3) After Care Services in the community. The types of prevention programs offered in the community are workshops on the topics of addictions to alcohol, prescription drugs, street drugs, solvents, tobacco and gambling. These can be offered to youth, adults or elders. The Counselor also facilitates in-service training for other members of the health team in the area of addictions. Information is given to the community each month in the Newsletter and a week long awareness campaign is held each year in November. Referrals are made on behalf of clients to Native Treatment Centres and also to provincially run facilities. After the client completes treatment and returns to the community they are referred to appropriate follow-up care from both native and provincial addictions services counseling programs. They and their families are also referred to other community services such as AA, Al-Anon, NA, Gamblers Anonymous, mental health services and other social and employment programs as appropriate.

Community Health Representative (CHR): 

The Community Health Representative submits material for the monthly Millbrook Newsletter. The CHR organizes and facilitates the Elders day program activities. The CHR co-ordinates the Home and Community Care Program and provides program supervision for the Continuing Care Assistants. The CHR also delivers the smoking cessation programs available in the community. She assists the other health team members with advertising and promoting and delivering their community activities and workshops.

Health Clerk/Receptionist: 

The Health Clerk/Receptionist performs reception duties for the Health Centre. The Clerk schedules appointments for the Doctors who sees patients at the Health Centre, the Well Women’s clinic one day per month, the Dentist once or twice per week, the Chiropractor who is in one day per week , the Clinical Therapist from Addictions Services once per week, and the Mental Health Therapist two half days per month The Clerk also notifies patients of their appointments with specialists. She provides administrative support to the program and medical staff on a daily basis. The Clerk maintains the security and confidentiality of patient files kept at the Health Centre

Community Support and Family Enrichment: 

The program provides direct social support services and advocacy for clients with intellectual and physical challenges. The worker provides guidance and support for individuals who are having difficulty coping with stress. The Community Support and Family Enrichment worker provides liaison and referral for clients who need access to the services of various social agencies within and outside of the Millbrook community such as family and children’s services, mental health services, addictions counseling, social assistance, food bank, etc. Also co-ordinates a womens retreat each year. Other programs to benefit clients such as budgeting and home management and home maintenance skills are provided by the worker. She works closely with the CHN and Maternal-Child Health Worker to provide on-going support to new parents.

Fitness Centre:

There are several casual/part-time staff hired to keep the Fitness Centre open for the use of anyone over 15 years of age in Millbrook. It is open for three hours in the morning and four hours in the evening for those who want to use the weight training and cardiovascular training equipment. Membership is free for residents of Millbrook. The staff members ensure the safety of members using the Fitness Centre and they ensure proper maintenance of the equipment.

Community Health Nurse (CHN):    

The Community Health Nurse provides health services to enhance the health and well-being of Millbrook residents. The CHN provides a maternal and child health program, health education and promotion programs. She provides mandatory immunization programs and reporting of communicable diseases. The CHN is involved with school health through the preschool and daycare facilities in the community. The CHN provides referral to other health services available in the community.

Wellness Co-ordinator: 

The Wellness Co-ordinator organizes family activities to promote physical, social, mental and spiritual well being in the community. Injury prevention and safety in the community are promoted through school bus safety programs for the children of Millbrook and fire safety programs for the whole community. The community feasts and celebrations such as New Year’s Eve family celebrations, Winter Carnival, March Break activities, Canada Day activities, St. Annes Feast celebrations, Children’s Safe Hallowe’en Party and Remembrance Day activities are arranged by the Wellness Co-ordinator. The Wellness program is also involved with the Academic Achievement Awards night and Family Field Trips throughout the year.