Millbrook First Nation




Economic Development is a key component to the Millbrook First Nation’s Success.

Millbrook First Nation Community:
Building and Growing

The Millbrook First Nation, located adjacent to the Town of Truro, Nova Scotia, has become a model community for other First Nations across the country. Under the strong leadership of Chief and Council, the health and well being of the Band membership is the first priority.

The community has programs in place to help its children succeed in school, both academically and socially.

"Millbrook students go to provincial schools, so we work closely with the schools and school board," says Debbie Gloade, Millbrook's Education Director. "That includes having Native Support workers in local schools where our students attend. We have many initiatives to help promote education, and give individualized attention to all the students, like after-school programs, lunch programs and literacy support. "Because of these initiatives, success in schools continues to increase."

“Continuation of the success seen in the schools and in addition restore the language and culture of the Mi’kmaq people. Also, looking to providing alternatives resources and methods to transition students from the present educational system to the work force by providing and enhancing employment skills.” - Chief Bob Gloade, Millbrook First Nation



The Franchise was born 7 years ago in Halifax, Nova Scotia as Cheese Curds! Habaneros was launched 4 1/2 months later. The Millbrook location is the second franchise, that opened on October 26, 2017!


Millbrook's Strip Mall

Millbrook's Strip Mall will offer 17,500 SF of Retail/Commercial space to lease.


Contact :
James Stevens, Economic Development Officer
Millbrook First Nation
1-902-897-9199 Ext. 118

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Treaty Enterprise

Treaty Enterprise was developed by the Millbrook Band for Video Lottery Terminals (V.L.T.) operations under the gaming agreement with the province of Nova Scotia. Treaty Enterprise is separated into two distinct business operations:

  1. Treaty Entertainment has three locations in Millbrook, one on James Street and two in the Truro Power Centre. Treaty Entertainment provides V.L.T. entertainment.

  2. The Treaty Convenience store is located at Cole Harbour, This store provides V.L.T. Entertainment, and Greco express.