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The Millbrook Power Centre encompasses acres of premium fully serviced and easily accessible commercial land on the most traveled stretch of Nova Scotia's highway outside of the Halifax metropolitan area. The Millbrook Power Centre has a track record as a site for business success. Since development began in 2000 the initial forty-six (46) acres of the Millbrook Power Centre have been crafted into a hub for retail, recreational and leisure focused businesses with more than $30,000,000 worth of investment currently on site.

Building on success, Millbrook has completed the second phase of the park's development. This phase saw an additional nine hectares are being cleared for roads, water and sewer at a cost of $ 4.5 million. A total of thirty-two (32) hectares along Highway 102 is allocated for lease and development in the Millbrook Power Centre's business plan. Twelve (12) hectares were developed and leased as part of phase one. With phase two nine (9) Hectares were completed, another eleven (11) hectares to the south will remain as part of phase three.


  • Sixty-eight (68) acres of fully serviced premium commercial land available for long term lease;

  • Strategically located on the busiest stretch of highway in Nova Scotia outside the metropolitan Halifax area. More than 22,000 vehicles per day travel through the Millbrook Power Centre along Highway 102;

  • Centrally positioned on the Halifax, Nova Scotia to Moncton, New Brunswick corridor;

  • 1.36 million Atlantic Canadians live within a 290 kilometer radius (three hour drive) of the Truro Power Centre;

  • Millbrook Power Centre sites are clearly visible from the 102 Highway northbound and southbound;

  • Easy access on and off the 102 Highway;

  • Less than one hour drive from Halifax Stanfield International Airport;

  • In close proximity to the International Port of Halifax;

  • In close proximity to the major city in Atlantic Canada, Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), population 390,096 (2011 Canadian Census);

  • Within minutes drive of regional distribution centers, CN rail network, Truro Business Park and Debert Air Industrial Park.

The Millbrook Power Centre is located along Highway 102 in a central location for Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada. Highway 102 is one of the busiest highways in Nova Scotia and is the main link to the Halifax Regional Municipality some 55 minutes away. The site offers direct access to the 102 highway and complete services and property taxes that are equal to the lowest rates in the surrounding area. The Master Planning for the Millbrook Power Centre offers  eighty (80) leasable acres in a highway showcase setting. The Master Plan offers flexible lot layouts that can be tailored to each tenant's needs. Land leases are available for extended periods and services to your lot are provided. In this setting, you are free of municipal planning controls and restrictions on hours of operation. We are committed to work with partners for a long term business relationship.


To learn more about how you can partner with the Millbrook First Nation and locate your business at the Millbrook Power Centre, please contact James Stevens, Economic Development Officer for the Millbrook First Nation.

James Stevens
Economic Development Officer
Millbrook First Nation
1-902-897-9199 Ext. 118


(For Commercial Operations) Schedule

Class of property Rate of Tax Per $1,000 of Assessed Value

Class 1 –    Residential (Truro)..............................................................17.80

                  Residential (Truro Heights)...................................................8.40

                  Residential (Cole Harbour)..................................................10.328

Class 2 –    Commercial (Truro).............................................................44.60

                  Commercial (Truro Heights)................................................22.50

                  Commercial (Cole Harbour)................................................25.958

Class 3 –    Resource Property...............................................................0



The Millbrook Power Centre site is owned, developed and managed by the Millbrook Mi’kmaw First Nation recognized nationally as a Model First Nation for Aboriginal Land Management and Economic Development. The Millbrook Economic Development Council (MEDC) is working within the bylaws established by the duly-elected Millbrook Band Council has skillfully organized and designated the Millbrook Power Centre lands for private sector development which, profitably managed, progressively benefits the Millbrook Aboriginal Community of 1,700 people.

The MEDC understands the significant benefits and advantages associated with doing business on designated Aboriginal land and strives to leverage the land to the advantage of their partners at the Millbrook Power Centre. The MEDC is proud of a stellar track record in financial management.

“Millbrook First Nation’s organizational structure includes a knowledgeable financial management team who are fully engaged in growing the economic development opportunities. The band employs sound financial practices and procedures which result in timely and accurate financial information used for performance measurement, decision making and establishing accountability.”

Kendra Arseneau, CA, Principal, Grant Thornton LLP

Millbrook First Nation understands the value of strong business relationships and progressive partnering. It operates the Millbrook Power Centre as well as a number of incremental business ventures and investments throughout Nova Scotia. Millbrook First Nation has ownership and equity positions in real estate holdings and business ventures throughout Nova Scotia.


The Millbrook Economic Development Council of the Millbrook First Nation is committed to the ongoing development of business opportunity. To accomplish their goals they have established priority areas that include;

  • Real-Estate Development

  • Millbrook's Communal Commercial Fisheries

  • Technology 

There are many advantages of working with, partnering and conducting business with Millbrook First Nation. Here is a brief review of what we have been able to accomplish.

Real Estate Development

Millbrook Power Centre is a expansive business complex is a development initiative of the Millbrook First Nation and has seen considerable success since breaking ground in 2000. It currently houses a number of successful retail businesses such as Tim Horton’s, A & W, Nova Scotia Arctic Charr (aquaculture facility), Leisure Days, Super 8 Motel, Needs, Ultramar, Subway, Leons, Legends Gaming Centre and Cineplex Theatres. These partnerships find succuss to the many adavantages provided by the Millbrook Power Centre such as; reduced taxes, excellent location close to the International Airport, with easy access to the 102 series Highway, and the important role that historic tourism plays in the region. The Millbrook Power Centre is the product of a historic deal between the Millbrook First Nation and the three levels of government. The Band signed a deal with a private company to lease federal land, which signifies a huge leap in the direction of self-sufficiency. The success of this Aboriginal initiative and its groundbreaking agreement make it a strong example for Canadian Aboriginal businesses to follow.

Cole Harbour Developments

In Millbrook's Cole Harbour location consists of two apartment buildings a 56 unit & 49 unit, as well as the General Dynamics Building, Atlantic Policy Congress and Treaty Convenience.

The Fisheries

On December 19, 2005 Millbrook First Nation signed an agreement in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and Millbrook First Nation. The agreement is a commitment to explore cooperative management opportunities in marine fisheries and aquaculture.

At this time Millbrook First Nation operates fishing vessels in three different zones and harvest fishing snow crab, lobster, shrimp, ground fish, tuna and rock crab. The Millbrook First Nation manages various licenses and a sizable fleet.


The Federal Government has incorporated several strategies to ensure Aboriginal participation in the procurement process of goods and services. Strategies such as the Aboriginal Set Aside Programs have become instrumental in strategically positioning Aboriginal companies to participate in and benefit from Major Crown Projects.

Millbrook First Nation has recognized the shift to knowledge based economy and has incorporated Millbrook Technologies Limited in January 2006 to take advantage of these opportunities. Specifically Millbrook Technologies Limited has been incorporated to capitalize on the growing market of online educational, training and awareness programs. Utilizing a unique and customized Learning Management System these programs will be delivered on line through a customized portal.

The delivery of on line training is done thru strategic partnership(s) one such partnership is Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Online is the product of a collaborative partnership between the Indigenous Leadership Development Institute and Millbrook Technologies, and endorsed by the Assembly of First Nations. A list of training presently available can be found at

Millbrook Technologies is located in Nova Scotia, Canada and is owned by the Millbrook First Nation

Information can be found at the website