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Millbrook Band Office

The Millbrook Band Office was developed to meet the administrative needs of the band members. The Band Administration Building was constructed in the ~2000 and the major major additions included:

  • Larger building, with more storage and office space.
  • Council Chambers and 2 meeting rooms. 
  • Up-to-date staff kitchen.
  • larger reception area with access to computer and internet.
  • NFC protected Doorways.
  • Disabled accessible, Mechanical doors in the front, wheelchair ramps and elevator for easier access.


The Band Staff includes:

  • Band Manager
  • Welfare officer/and clerk
  • Band secretary
  • Receptionist 
  • Education Councillor
  • Accounts Officer
  • Secretary
  • Communications Officer
  • Native Employment Officer
  • Construction Supervisor
  • By-law Officer


The Band Office is open five days a week from 9:00-4:30.

Millbrook Community Hall

The Millbrook Community was constructed in the seventies and was renovated for the 1982 Indian Summer Games. The Community Hall was made bigger to accommodate the crowd for the fund raising events such as BINGO.

The Community Hall is used for a variety of purposes such as wedding receptions, dances, meetings, special interest courses. It also served as a temporary place of worship in the winter of 1985 during the construction of the new tepee styled scared heart church.

The hall is also a gathering place for communal meal and auction which are held after the funeral of a community member.

The hall is two storey building and the Eastern Woodland Print Communications rents half of the basement for their business. The other half of the basement is used for summer camps and other special functions.

To rent the Community Hall please contact Millbrook Band Administrative Assistant Jay Martin to make accommodations. 

The Communtiy hall includes a full kitchen, tables and chairs for ~200, a presentation pull down, 80” tv, washrooms, a podium, live broadcasts from the church.

Community Hall 001.jpg


Millbrook Ballfield

The Millbrook ball field has been in existence for many years. In 1982 Millbrook hosted the Nova Scotia Indian Summer Games and it was then that major renovations were made to the field. New lights were installed to accommodate the evening games as well as bleachers for the fans.

Millbrook had Two Ball teams the 1752 Truck-house and the Millbrook Team.

Millbrook Reserve is located within Truro Town Limits and many of the commercial leagues teams use the ball field.

The ball field was once located behind the Gym in between the brook and the tracks.

Millbrook Fisheries

Millbrook Fisheries is an operation that benefits All Band members.

Millbrook Fisheries controls a fleet of eight vessels, 52 commercial licenses province wide and employes over 40 staff members throughout the year. The fisheries have influenced Millbrook community with lasting economic benefits.

The Fisheries building was built in 2013, it is a modular constructed. It houses the the fisheries administration and maintenance staff. The boat yard holds the vessels and traps during the off season.

Millbrook Fisheries 001.jpg

Millbrook Gym

The construction of the Gym started around December, 1988. Among the sponsors for this project were CEIC through the Job Development Carpentry Training Program.

The gym is approximately 50 X 90 feet, the floor is the same type of professional floor that you would find in any professional basketball court. The floor is made up of four layers:

  • Cement
  • Cushion floor made of rubber
  • Wood floor
  • Hardwood floor on top

The gym is marked so that basketball or volleyball games may be played.

The building hold approximately two-and-half offices, the bottom floor and top floor housing the Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaqs. The gym being on the second floor.

The Gym was officially blessed in the spring of 1989 by Father Llyod O’Neill. Also present were Chief Lawrence Paul, Mr. Bill Casey. Along with members of the Millbrook Reserve.

The Gym's schedule is as follows:


Kids Time
Adult Basketball
8-closingKids Time
6:00-8:30pmKids Time
Adult Basketball
Adult Basketball

The Gym has equipment for floor hockey, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, and other sports for scheduled activities.

The Gym is also available to rent for social occasions and meeting.

Millbrook Early Education Centre

The Millbrook Headstart program for the Millbrook Reserve has been in operation since the early eighties. It was in the eighties that the Millbrook Band Council made a decision to locate the Headstart right on the reserve. Before that pre-school children attended the Headstart located at the Nova Scotia Teacher’s College, Truro, N.S.

The newly constructed Headstart provides programs for the early four year olds. They learn to develop and improve their oral skills as well as learning to socialize with other four year olds.

Beside doing activities that enrich their motor and co-ordination skills the children learn about their Mi’kmaq culture.

The Headstart Programs is under the leadership of Mrs. Sylvia Martin, she has five wonderful employees on staff.

The present Headstart building was constructed around 1990 under the supervision of the Millbrook Construction Supervisor, Gordie Gloade. The Headstart also has a modern playground for the children to enjoy while outdoors.

MEEC 001.jpg

Health 395.jpg

Millbrook Health Centre

The Health staff moved into their new building on September 1, 2004.  The Grand Opening ceremonies were held one month later on Treaty Day October 1, 2004.  The increased space allowed three staff members who previously had offices outside of the old Health Centre to move into the same building and also health staff who were sharing space to have their own office space.  The move helped foster better team spirit and coordinated delivery of services to the Millbrook Band members. 

The Millbrook construction crew led by Lorne Paul did an exceptional job and finished the project on time for move-in day. The moving and re-organization process took a lot of time and effort for the better part of a month but full services to the public were only disrupted for a few days.  The Health Centre has a reception and waiting room, fourteen offices, a fully equipped dentist office and five much needed storage rooms, rooms for water testing equipment and a room to store bio-waste for proper disposal.  There is also a good sized community room which is well used for programs, training, and meetings. 

Millbrook Senior’s Centre

The Millbrook Seniors’ Centre was constructed in the late eighties by the Millbrook Construction crew. The building was constructed after the seniors expressed a wish to have their own meeting place.

Sacred Heart Church 001.jpg

Sacred Heart Mission Church

The Sacred Heart Mission Church was built during 1985-86. It was designed by Mr. Norman Martin, in close collaboration with the Sacred Heart Church Committee. The church was designed using the traditional design of a Native tepee with 15 poles, each representing an area in the native people’s life.