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Posts in Millbrook Health Centre
Prescription Refills

Please be advised that effective immediately anyone needing a medication refill has to make a doctor’s appointment. Refills can no longer be done over the phone by either nurse. Please note the number of refills you have left as well as the expiry date of the prescription so you can make an appointment in advance. It is your responsibility to obtain your own medication refills. Please plan ahead. Although we don’t have a permanent doctor at this time, we do have a doctor here several times each week. Appointments do fill up quickly so don’t leave it until the last minute or you may end up going without your medication.

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A letter from Dr. Murdo Ferguson

Over the last 26 years, there has been a transformation in both the delivery of healthcare and in Millbrook itself. When I first began my career with Millbrook in 1994, I was working in the emergency department of the old Colchester Regional Hospital. While doing a shift, I met Elizabeth Berube, a nurse from Cape Breton. She asked if I would consider working in Millbrook as a doctor. After meeting Chief Lawrence Paul, Alex Cope, Barry Martin and Barry Gloade, we agreed that I would come and work in Millbrook. At that time, the Health Centre was located in the current Youth Centre on Willow Street. It was freezing in the winter and roasting hot in the summer! After a few years, the staff were excited when air conditioning units were installed in some of the windows!

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Optimal Aging Program

This program is suited for those looking to improve their overall wellness in all areas of life. This program will introduce physical activity as well as brain challenges, while also giving you an opportunity to learn about aging more optimally through life. This is done through such topics as, fall safety, healthy aging, how our brains change etc. Open to Adults, seniors and Elders. Hope to see you there!

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Dr Murdo Ferguson Resigns

Dr. Murdo Ferguson has submitted his letter of resignation as Millbrook’s family physician and his last day of work in Millbrook is May 7.  We are working with the province to find another family doctor to replace him.  This, however, could take long as there are very few doctors to fill vacancies.  We are also planning a retirement party for Murdo, who has been with Millbrook for 26 years.  More information on that and his replacement will be shared with the community when available.

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